Por favor necesito ayuda para traducir las sig. oraciones;

You should be able to drive in 4 weeks.

Are there any positions that should be avoided duringt my pregnancy?

Mil gracias. wilri

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should= something that is expected that you do, not necessarily something you are able to do

I should do my homework, but I don't want to. I should know how to swim.

could= something you are able to do, not always something that you chose/should to do.

I could go to the store, but I do not need to. I could read very well even from an early age.

could is almost always interchangeable for "was able to" although it is better to you "could" in many cases.

I was able to read very well even from an early age.

I can't help with the translation, my Spanish is not very good, but it looks someone already translated it for you.

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Did you try the translation bar? It works like a charm!!!

If not the translation is as follows:

Deberías poder manejar en cuatro semanas.

¿Hay algunas posiciones que deberían ser evitadas durante mi embarazo?


  • Feb 20, 2011
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You don't say what you first language is.

The English Modals

Can / could

Will / would

Shall / should

May / might

Used to / Ought to


Do not exist in Spanish -

therefore you have to find other ways to say the same thing.