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What does "fichas" mean? Poker chips? How would you translate this? "Poker chips are used while playing poker"? Muchas gracias!

  • Posted Feb 19, 2011
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2 Answers

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Yes, they can mean poker chips.

Las fichas se usan para jugar / cuando se juega al póker.

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Interestingly, "la ficha" was WOTD on this very site:

http://www.spanishdict.com/answers/173121/la-palabra-del-da-la-ficha (sorry, still learning how to link stuff here!)

And now from the world of Modismos Mexicanos comes "la fichera" which carries the meaning of "a woman earning income in a bar with 'ladies drinks' (lit.: from ficha, a token)" - no comment on the method she employs, probably by providing pleasant company & conversation... but the "token" she earns is almost always cash, hence the common use of "ficha" to mean "money" or "funds" here along the US Southwestern border.... tongue laugh

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