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Whats are some good spanish shows to watch on Univision and Telemundo. It hard for me to understand spoken spanish but I can usually keep up with the story with spanish captions. Also are there any kid shows anyone can suggest I watch to learn spanish.

  • Posted Feb 16, 2011
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El Chavo del Ocho! Even if you think it's silly, it'd be good for you as a cultural value raspberry

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Personally, I live in Texas, right, but there's this show that comes out of Los Angeles (I believe) called "El Show de Lagrimita y Costel" and it has these classroom skits (among other things) which are very silly but you can learn a lot of double entendre or adianoeta from them, and then there's Chabela with her dramatic confessions...just as a caveat, a lot of Mexican TV will be crammed with scantily clad women, no doubt to keep the ratings "up"... rolleyes Mind you, it is what some would call "drivel" but hey, can't be dead serious all the time! alt text

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by the way, does anyone know if there are any web sites to watch those show on-line?

  • You can find some of them on YouTube. - LuisCache Feb 17, 2011 flag
  • I would imagine Telemundo, Estrella and Univision would have clips or entire episodes online... haven't checked but seems reasonable. - cristalino Feb 17, 2011 flag
  • well to watch tv show online edogo.com is the best site - thomas121 Mar 22, 2011 flag
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