What does this phrases means,it's a chorus of a song..Thank you

Porque contigo yo ya iskuji? Aura mi corazon ta sufri Bien simple lang iyo ta pidi Era cinti tu el cosa yo ya cinti Ta pidi milagro, vira'l tiempo El mali hace derecho Na dimio reso ta pidi yo Era olvida yo contigo

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I've heard this song before. It's in Chavacano, a Spanish creole languange spoken here in the Philippines by people in the areas of Zamboanga, Davao, Cavite (my hometown) & even Manila. The song's title is Porque & is sung by Maldita.


If you want to want to watch the video, it's on the 'Tube.

Porque by Maldita

I don't speak it (though I know people who do & how I envy them!), but here is a translation I found of the part:

Porque contigo yo ya escuji? Why was it that I chose you? Ahora mi corazon ta supri Now my heart is suffering Bien simple lang iyo ta pidi What a simple thing to ask Era cinti tu el cosa yo ya cinti I hope you feel what I feel Ta pidi milagro, bira’l tiempo Asking for a miracle, to turn back time El mali hace derecho All the wrong, make right Na dimio rezo ta pidi yo In my prayer, I am asking Era olvida yo contigo To forget you




its actually:

Porque contigo yo ya escogi? Ahora mi corazon te sufri Bien simple lang yo te pedir Era sentir tu el cosa yo ya sentir Te pedir milagro Viraje el tiempo El mal y hacer derecho Na di mi yo rezo, te pedir yo Era olvida yo contigo

The singer just doesn't have the correct accent anymore. And yea it is in chavacano of cavite's variant, my grandpa managed to teach me some of it during the late 90's (i was in elementary back then)

the translation is correct anyways

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  • Welcome to the forum, :) - 00494d19 Oct 22, 2011
  • Not Cavite, but Zamboanga. The singers are Chavacano native speakers from Zamboanga. - Deanski Oct 22, 2011


Pareciera una variación de un dialecto con influencia española. Parece tener dejos de papiamento, creole y/o tagalog o filipino. De nada de esto estoy seguro, ¡que conste!

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  • Good catch on it being from the Philippines. I'm impressed. It's not Tagalog though. - Deanski Feb 15, 2011