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What does ' te adoro' in latin america mean? Is it ''i worship you''' or more like ''i adore you'', like you would say to someone you're in love with? to worship someone would be a bit creepy^. - Thankssmile

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I adore you would be the closest thing.

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Latin America is a big place, and it may not carry the same meaning in every country.

However, it is generally used to mean "I love you", "I adore you".

You are correct when you note that "adorar" also means "to worship". This is an example of context being important.

"Rendir culto" is an expression that indicates "to worship" in a religious sense.

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It is a very, very lovely thing to hear, not creepy at all. It's not meant in the sense of idolotry, but in the sense that you are the most precious person in someone's life. Around our house it's short for, "I love you more than tongue can tell..."

Valentine's Day is tomorrow. I hope there is someone in your life that you can say these words to....

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Many people worship a Someone and do not find Him to be creepy. Mohhamed, Buddha, at one time a Chinese emperor, Caesar, etc. Remember, Easter will be here shortly.

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