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¿Qué comas cuando tienes hambre?

  • Posted Feb 12, 2011
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  • You've got my vote Dakie!!! Dang it all, now I gotta go run out for pizza!!! - GaryT Feb 12, 2011 flag
  • I now me tooooo¡¡ - Dakie Feb 12, 2011 flag
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Your sentence makes no sense. If you use "comes", the answer will be whatever we eat. If you keep it as "comas", there is no answer... because it makes no sense.

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Alguna cosa que está barrato, o libre.

  • Alguna cosa que sea barata o gratis. Libre means free in the sense of freedom only. - gone Feb 12, 2011 flag
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Cuando tengo mucha hambre como lo primero que puedo. Sino, me espero.

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