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My 6 year old granddaughter is just learning some Spanish phrases. She has a female puppy. How would she say my puppy or my dog? I do not speak any Spanish. Thanks

  • Posted Feb 12, 2011
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3 Answers

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"Perra" (a word also used to mean "bi**h", by the way)

  • Well, regardless of other unfortunate connotations, "bitc h" is the correct word for a female canine, and the correct equivalent in Spanish is, as indicated, "perra". - Gekkosan Feb 12, 2011 flag
  • When in doubt, I suggest that members don't hesitate to try the dictionary. You may learn surprising things that way! - Gekkosan Feb 12, 2011 flag
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La perra.

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Or la perrita since it is a little puppy.

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