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¿De quien son estas cosas? Use es o son.

El libro de espanol__La Profesora

  • Posted Feb 10, 2011
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3 Answers

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Welcome to the forum.

Answer these questions:

Is "es" singular or plural?

Is "son" singular or plural?

Is the book singular or plural?

So which word should you choose?

(by the way, I think that you are missing a word in your sentence)

Good luck.

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That's the way I like to help with homework. Help them, but don't do it for them. Make them think a little and learn. I would give you double votes if I could, lol.

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An example, in case you are totally lost.

el lápiz____el estudiante

El lápiz es del estudiante. (del=de+el)

los bicicletas____los chicos

Los bicicletas son de los chicos.

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