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Hi to everyone who is learning English.

The above English / Spanish dictionary can be downloaded for free (Google it)

All the English words are spoken by real people. That solves the English pronunciation problem)

Also it has a great Phrasal verb section with the Spanish interpretations.

One of the best dictionaries I have come across.

  • Posted Feb 8, 2011
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3 Answers

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Hello, Sir.... I'm sure that the dictionary is bloody fantastic if you say it......

It's 19:00 and I'm at office not at fieldwork, they are allowing me to use the PC to check SD's answers, only because it's my birthday,,,,haha... I will check the dictionary when I came home. Until then, cheerio.

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I don't know why but the FREE download of this dictionary has become more difficult.

But try thse links.


Para los estudiantes de Ingles, aquí les dejo esta herramienta que la última versión de Oxford Study Genie Plus.

Aquí le dejo los link:


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Here is one link where you can download it for free:

link text

You have to look for section 'Usuario Gratuito' in the right part of the page, there is a green button that says 'Descarga mas lenta', click there and it will start downloading.

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