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we are trying to name a printing process which is the transfer of pigment ink to clay tiles. we need a short version to explain this in spanish.

  • Posted Feb 4, 2011
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  • Have you tried google, I found a lot of info: http://embarro.com/102-pintura-arcilla-grano-fino-lisa-col-prim-es.html - margaretbl Feb 4, 2011 flag
  • thank you info marg!! -pablo- - pablo-milan Feb 4, 2011 flag
  • Are you sure you used the word "sublimation" correctly? If I am right, thats when a solid turns directly into a gas. - espanol5555 Feb 7, 2011 flag

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Could it be 'estampar en arcillas' ?

  • we are printing fine art prints on handmade clay tiles and do not like english version! example lithograph on handmade texture plate is called coligraph. but in spanish it is called mixografia! much nicer. that what we are trying to accomplish! thanks - pablo-milan Feb 4, 2011 flag
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como busco la leccion 1-3

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por favor quiero saber cuantas clases tiene el curso de ingles ya termine a leccion 2.15.

  • You are done. There are currently only two series on Learning English. - 0074b507 Feb 7, 2011 flag
  • There are only 30 lessons. - 0074b507 Feb 7, 2011 flag
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