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Has anyone watched this series? I just found it few weeks ago on WUNC. It is over my head, but I still enjoy it. Motley would definitely like it (I think). You may be able to watch all 52 half hour episodes on your computer screen. The URL is


  • Posted Apr 4, 2008
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I just finished the whole series. I hate to admit it, but I got "hooked" on the story even though it was a bit silly. I think it helped my understanding of spoken Spanish and gave me a better feel for regional accents and idioms.

Funny thing - as I watched, I realized that Raquel's wardrobe was almost identical to what I wore in the late 80's / early 90's, and that I still had many of the clothes I wore then. I promptly loaded up 10 bags of clothes to give to Good Will!

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It is a moving story as well as a great learning tool. A search for family truth which leads from Mexico to Spain to Puerto Rico, to Argentina, all the while following relationships between family members. I definitely recommend it. It is in lesson format. You are asked to answer questions regarding each episode.

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I LOVE Destinos. I'm obsessed! I am surprised by how much I can understand and surprised by how much more I understand the next time round (when things get recapped) I recommend this to anyone who is learning Spanish-not for absolute beginners though.

I started watching about half way through the Learn Spanish 2 section on Spanishdict.

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It's great & not boring. It actually has a fairly good story to it.

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I started to watch the series in about the middle on TV, and I was really lost with all the characters. So I decided to install Windows XP on one of my computers. (Actually, it really belongs to my wife and her sewing machine.) What a difference it makes to know what is going on! I am going onto the fifth episode.

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I still need to listen to all of it but it seemed very good.

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I have watched some of it and it seems good. I can't wait to start listening to it again

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If you liked Destinos, you'll love BBC Spanish -- Mi vida loca - Interact with 22 episodes - great for beginners complete with printouts. We have this link in the reference section of our web site here under the learning resources.

  • Oh, I did love it. I'm finding Destinos more useful but maybe that's because I understand more now! Even my boyfriend-who is not learning Spanish- liked Mi vida loca! - Ada-S Nov 11, 2011 flag
  • Thanks for the link! It looks like a lot of fun. I'm absolutely astounded and so grateful for the number of high quality, *free* Spanish resources out there! - RosaVerde Dec 4, 2011 flag
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I just finished watching the series and I highly recommend it to anyone learning spanish. It is both entertaining and educational at the same time. I liked to turn on captions when I watched it and by doing this I could understand pretty much everything that was said. I only wish I knew of other series similar to this one.

  • I'm curious to know, what is your spanish comprehension level now. Do you feel that using subtitles slows down solid progress on listening comprehension? - arielbrionda Sep 22, 2013 flag
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Wow. About 5 years ago I started watching this in the middle of the series on a local college education station. I thought it was great even though I could comprehend anywhere from 25% to 50% of the dialog. I have been looking for the series to repeat since than and have had no luck finding it. Thanks for the link. I will start watching from the beginning this time.

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My wife tought a distance learning Spanish course in 1998-1999 for the Community College and it was 100% based on Destinos. Her students really liked it.

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I watched the whole thing and enjoyed it - we don't get telenovelas in Spanish here. I subsequently recommended it to a friend on Vancouver Island and a group of Spanish students over there are using it for their discussion group. They watch a chapter at home and then get together and discuss it.

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I too have tried the BBC mi vida loca , it is quite good but I have a feeling

that I am going to enjoy "Destinos" equally ,if not even more. Thank you my friend .

  • You'll like Destinos Ray, I did. - amykay Dec 3, 2011 flag
  • Is it a free program? I can't open the video,only the exercises. - faliron Dec 3, 2011 flag
  • It is free, I'm not sure why you can't open it. Ray, the first few episodes are slow and repetitive but stick with it, it quickly picks up and gets challenging in terms of listening (well, I think that depends on your level. Enjoy the outfits!) - Ada-S Dec 3, 2011 flag
  • Thank you I intend to give it a go , I got bored with the BBC one i am not sure why , I think maybe the story line was a bit juvenile. - ray76 Dec 4, 2011 flag
  • From what i have seen so far I like it , an interesting story line which gets ones interest quickly. - ray76 Dec 4, 2011 flag
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When I did Destinos I bought the workbooks and the book that are designed to go with the series. You can get them fairly cheep on the internet. It was a great learning experience.

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