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The word I saw is something like, 'venadas', 'vanedes'. I've been told it's close to some other word that means something completely different. Thanks for the help. Marguerite

  • Posted Apr 12, 2008
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3 Answers

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Deer is venado in Spanish. I'm not sure of the word that it could be confused with.

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Deer= ciervo,venado
-The word 'venado? also is in use for defining someone who is mad or who acts as a madman
-In some you cause the word uses "venado" to call him cornudo ( horned, cuckolded) someone (one refers to the deer for the horn)

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Mogor, thanks for the explanation. That's probably what the woman was thinking of when I told her I thought it had something to do with deer. Appreciate the help from you folks, Marguerite

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