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If a jury in a trial cannot make a unanimous decision, the judge can declare the jury a "hung Jury."

  • Posted Jan 26, 2011
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jurado en desacuerdo

alt text

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Hello Jim, welcome to the Forum.

Since this is a learning site, not a translation service, we ask participants to provide their own attempt before we can help them. grin

One good starting point is the automated online translation tool that you can find at the top of the page.

The translator does give one usable answer for your question - I encourage you to try it. However, I recognize it may not be the best one. More usual options are: "Jurado estancado", "jurado sin veredicto".

  • Gekkosan - "jurado estancado" me suena bien! - amy_moreno Jan 26, 2011 flag
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Jurado sin mayoría necesaria para decidir

Jurado en desacuerdo

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"jurado que no puede llegar a un veredicto"

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