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when is used "hasta luego" and when "hasta pronto" ? in everyday conversation which is more used ?

  • Posted Jan 26, 2011
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8 Answers

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Probably about the same as - see you later and see you soon - smile

  • I wonder why some people can't see things that are identical in their own language. - lazarus1907 Jan 26, 2011 flag
  • maybe because english is not my own language and prefer to double check - polita08 Jan 26, 2011 flag
  • Good answer polita08. It is important that we be able to ask a question without worrying about being judged. Otherwise this forum does not serve its purpose. - drewrywpg Jan 26, 2011 flag
  • A little late but those phrases do not exist in Bulgarian? - chileno Jun 25, 2014 flag
  • If people aren't made to feel welcome on this site then it's going to end up as just a few regulars chatting amongst themselves! Very boring! The nuances between 'hasta pronto' send 'hasta leugo' maybe clear to lazarus but Bulgarian is very different! - pml222 Jun 26, 2014 flag
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There can be a slight difference of nuance, at least in Mexico. If you have a definite plan to meet someone, you can use either phrase. If you have no idea if or when you might see someone again, you would use only Hasta luego.

  • Thats my understanding as well... - kerflop Jan 26, 2011 flag
  • Sí, estoy completamente de acuerdo. Julian :) - FELIZ77 Jun 26, 2014 flag
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Hi Polita and welcome to the forum,

I think they are interchangeable smile.

Saludos, Chica

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thank you, that was and what i thought but wanted to be sure .

Still new at spanish grin

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I think either is OK, but if you've really had enough of them and don't wish to see them again use

hasta la vista, baby


  • hehe Good one! Only make sure you pronounce it with a hard "h" and in an "Austrian" accent. - Findy Jun 25, 2014 flag
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Nothing changes.

Luego and pronto is the same in this occasion.

I gree whith Kiwi-Girl: see you later and see you soon.

Pd: Your user name is funny, polita xD

The word most used is "Hasta luego" because i think what is more easy to pronounce.

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Maybe it is a cultural or regional issue.

Here in Mexico City, I'd say we seldom use "hasta pronto", but we rather use "Hasta luego" or more commonly: "Nos vemos" (see you).

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When using spanish i use Hasta Luego amongst friends, when im just saying bye or cya later as in English, I use Hasta Pronto when im saying I will see someone soon Pronto to me has a slight bit more urgency to it "Pronto pronto"

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