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How to say I see you and I saw you in Spanish?

One with present tense, the other with past tense?

Te veo?

Te vi?

How to say I see my friend Melissa? - Veo a mi amiga Melissa o Veo mi amiga Melissa?

How to say I saw my friend Melissa?- Vi a mi amiga Melissa o Vi mi amiga Melissa?

  • Posted Jan 26, 2011
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5 Answers

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Te veo! I see you Te vi I saw you And the first ones were right

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Veo a mi amiga Melissa, Vi a mi amiga Melissa.

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Vi a mi amiga Melissa.

The "a" is necessary. It is called "personal a." It comes in front of direct objects that are people or pets (and some other situations perhaps)...but it doesn't come in front of direct object pronouns like me, te, lo, la, etc.

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Ver + a + alguien

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Veo a mi amiga Melisa

Vi a mi amiga Melisa

Veía a mi amiga Melisa

Being Chinese, it is quite likely that Melissa is not your real name (all my Chinese students adopt temporary English names when they speak English), so in Spanish maybe you should adopt a more logical spelling, since we use a language where letters are pronounced, so "Melissa" would sound like "Melis...sa" in English, and that sound simply does not exist in Spanish.

I have included the imperfect version, because it is also possible (and even necessary in some sentences):

I saw my friend Melissa every day, as she was training.

Veía / vi a mi amiga Melisa todos los días mientras entrenaba.

Both are possible, but each one gives a different perspective.

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