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¿A que está perfecto?

  • Posted Jan 25, 2011
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3 Answers

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¿A que está perfecto? means: What is perfect?

The "A que.." means "what"...the "A" has no meaning on its own it is simply a grammatical filler here...but in this sentence when put with "que" it collectively means "what"

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Dear friend

QUE has two main form: Qué (with acento) and Que (without acento). "ًQué" means "what? (question form) like in: ¿Qué sigingfica a qué? = what is the meaning of "a que". "Que" is a relative pronoune which means "that" and "which" (for things), like in "la película que... = the movie that/which..." and that for person (who), like in: "el hombre que .. = the man that/who ..." both of this usages of this word, has a combination form, like: "por qué" (why/for what reason) and "a qué" ( for what?) "en qué" (how). these have questional usage. and el que" (the fact that...) and other forms.

since you wrote "que singi..." , I think the acento mark was not important to you, but be aware taht the acento is very imaportant and determining in understanding the meaning. so, if you mean " ¿qué sigifica: a qué?" I think it means "for what?". therefore, the meaning of the sentence is: "for what/why it is perfect?"

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I may be wrong but can it mean "in that". So in kmg's example it would mean with out the question marks,

A que está perfecto - In that it is perfect

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