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Hola amigos!

How do you say 'Do you know?' in Spanish?

like, Do you know him? Do you know the place?

and just simply say 'Do you know?'

Wating for your answers! thank you cheese

  • Posted Jan 24, 2011
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3 Answers

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Do you know him? = Lo conoces ?

Do you know the place? = Conoces el/ese lugar ?

Did you know ? = Lo sabías ?

It always depends on how the sentence continuous

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To know something or someone you would use "conocer".

¿Tú conoces a Maria?

To have knowledge of something is where you use "saber".

¿Ellos saben español?

  • About the first question ... i would say "¿Tú conoces a Maria?"(If you are asking someone about Maria). However, you can say "¿Tú conoces, Maria?" if you're asking her about the place where you are. Saludos :D - Vicente1 Jan 25, 2011 flag
  • thank you! it helped : ) - NanaPark Jan 25, 2011 flag
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You need to check out two verbs: conocer and saber. In Spanish there are two verbs" to know " and in English we combine them into one.

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