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So if you use "es" you need "bueno" right but "está" uses "bien" and they are pretty close to interchangeable if I say "Yeah that's good" "Es muy bueno", "Está muy bien" or what about "mucho bueno" which I hear a lot? ¿Muy or mucho bueno? Gracias

  • Posted Jan 24, 2011
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You can say Está bueno when referring to something that is temporarily good (i.e food or the weather, which are not always good). Es bueno expresses a permanent condition (i.e. Los santos son buenos).

Es muy bien is never an option. Bien always requires estar. Está muy bien.

Mucho bueno is incorrect because it strings two adjectives. An adjective should be modified by an adverb (Muy). So, the correct form is Muy bueno. And if you want to exaggerate and say Very, very good, you would have to say Muy, muy bueno. I hope this helps!

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Eugh! "Muy bueno", Never, ever "mucho" bueno. tongue laugh

You can say "está bueno" to mean: "this is good! (tastes good)", in reference to a nice burger or a fine beer, for example.

"Es bien" is not correct, but it is used as slang in some places, to mean something a bit like "he's all right", "she's cool".

  • Your point is right on. Ex. Ella es una chica bien (upper class) or bien instead of muy (bien chévere) but I did not want to confuse the issue, since this usage is colloquial. - gone Jan 24, 2011 flag
  • You can't confuse Jeezle more than he naturally is - or any more than he confuses us with his questions. :-) - Gekkosan Jan 24, 2011 flag
  • Well the cats at work say mucho bueno a lot, so it must be tex mex Splangish. - jeezzle Jan 24, 2011 flag
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Hello, Jeezle ! If i understood well, you want to know which sentence is right ... Well, the right sentence is the following :

Está muy bueno/a

For example :

Está muy bueno el libro.

Está muy buena la clase de Inglés.

You CANNOT say "Está mucho bueno", it's wrong smile

Saludos, espero que te sirva mi ayuda.



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