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So I've been studying spanish for like 4 1/2 years now and I'm almost at a point where I could consider myself near fluent. But because I'm not in a class anymore, I don't really have an outlet through which I can practice actually speaking it. There are tons of websites that I can text chat with native speakers, but I actually need to talk to someone so that I can get that extra boost of practice...

So, basically what I'm asking is: are there any native speakers out there who would be willing to video chat with me?

I'd really appreciate the help.

  • Posted Jan 22, 2011
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hola a todos. soy de Peru! puedo ayudarlos con el spanish si ustedes tambien me ayudan con mi ingles, asi ambos.. evolucionamos juntos mutuamente.. este es mi facebook christian aveunelly


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Hello !

Well, i'm from Chile (i'm a native Spanish speaker) and i could help you. Also, you could help me with my English. If you want my help, you just have to add me and we can talk on Skype, yeah? My Skype ID : zadeworks2

Me gustaría mucho poder ayudarte en todo lo que necesites. Espero que podamos hablar pronto !

Saludos, take care ! Atentamente, Vicente.

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check this chat

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Hi Mayodude.Welcome to the forum. To be involved in the chats, Please send your Skype name to Heidita. She came be found under members. Her name is in the upper left corner. Thanks.

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Hello, I need to interview a native spanish speaker for my spanish class today. I would also like to get involved in helping others learn english. How do we do this? I just downloaded skype.

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Hello I was wondering the same also but I am a beginner. please add me on skype ally.babay thank you!

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