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We all know the dangers of driving while texting. Here is proof that some of us (myself included) should not be walking while texting. LOL LOL LOL

Woman falls in fountain

  • Posted Jan 20, 2011
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Ann-Frances said:

Disclaimer: not America bashing, am an American myself.

I hear you! Ironically, although this video exploded on youtube, I think most of the attention is swirling around the fact that yet another person is going to tie up the court system for something that should be laughed about. I have seen quite a few people embrace the fact that their moments of embarrassment became popular all over the world.

I once knocked over an entire vitamin display at a drugstore. Someone had created a huge tower of vitamin boxes for a store promotional. As I was looking for my keys and (this is the important point wink ) *not paying attention, I knocked the entire display of hundreds of boxes over. To make it more embarrassing, only one person in line made an attempt to help. The rest just looked at me in indifference as I picked up as many boxes as possible and did my best to fix things.* LOL LOL LOL

I wish people would lawyer up less and laugh more!!!!

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Laughing Dog Pictures, Images and Photos I am muffling my laughter. Just before Christmas, I fell into an arrangement of flowers at the market. It was caught on video too! My fear is that it will show up on the internet somewhere. I have to admit I was a bit worried while I waited for this video to start.

(I was sore in places I did not know I had, and the huge bruise has just now faded,) L O L

  • I'm going to start searching the net for your video!! jejej, just kidding! If you find it and post it here, you will probably get a "Legendary" badge! - amykay Jan 20, 2011 flag
  • lol amykay, I could not show my face again - Brynleigh Jan 20, 2011 flag
  • aww, well I'm glad you were not hurt too badly! - amykay Jan 20, 2011 flag
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She was interviewed on a newscast: she is suing the mall because the security detail didn't look out for her well-being nor did they apologize when she called later in the day to complain about their lack of stopping her from falling into the fountain.

We didn't get to see her face in the video, but now she put herself on TV. I certainly hope this foolishness is thrown out of court. Frankly, it would never occur to me that everyone is watching out for my safety while I am clearly not fully engaged in the world around me.

Years ago, when I was in my 20s, I stepped into a train and leaned against the door. Fully leaned against the door and out of the blue the conductor reopened the door and I fell out: flat out on the platform. The pain was intense. The humiliation even more so...the conductor came out and told me to get back in the train. I was way, way to embarassed to ride with the people who had seen this. I waited for the next train.

I did not sue anyone, it was my own fault. To this day, I have never leaned on a train door again! Be responsible for yourself. American society seems to sue over everything. grin

Disclaimer: not America bashing, am an American myself.

  • A much more rational reaction to (and taking responsability for) ones own mistakes. - samdie Jan 20, 2011 flag
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Haha, thanks for that Nicole. I like to laugh first thing in the morning - when you have to put your reading glasses on before you text it makes you stop and pay more attention (thank goodness).

alt text

  • :) I guess that would give you a moment to think things through. - Nicole-B Jan 20, 2011 flag
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Well, that solves her problems with texting with that phone, anyway.

  • I know. I felt stupid when I opened up the washer to find my cell phone swimming around last week. Thankfully, there were no video cameras to capture this event. :) - Nicole-B Jan 20, 2011 flag
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After reading this article I may be in some hot water (no pun intended with the word water). This woman, who comes from my home state is hiring an attorney because of her humiliation.

While she's at it she should sue whoever put that fountain where she could fall into it, and the cell phone manufacturer for providing an attractive nuisance that caused her to fall into the fountain that shouldn't have been in her way, and the witnesses who failed to warn her not to walk into the fountain. After all, being humiliated while not watching where she was going couldn't possibly be her own fault.

She's lucky she wasn't crossing the street.

  • I bet it was her annoying husband who was texting her. She should sue him too. jejeje - Nicole-B Jan 20, 2011 flag
  • I am using "annoying" in a general sense. I do not need to be sued for defamation from her husband. - Nicole-B Jan 20, 2011 flag
  • Is she really suing? Unbelievable. - LuisaGomezBa Jan 20, 2011 flag
  • Why not sue? Her misfortune can't possibly be her own fault, so she might as well make some money on her bad luck. - KevinB Jan 20, 2011 flag
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There is a short course called, "Humor, Laughter & Mirth - Caring for the W 'h' ole Person".

"Learn to laugh your way to health by understanding the physiology/psychology of laughter and participate in laughter exercises. You will practice applying humor to help reframe difficult situations and learn how to use gentle laughter and reframing exercises."

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omg that's so funny Nicole, thanx for posting it. To continue with Kevin's thought, maybe she should sue the mall owner itself, (and all of the independent shops) for distracting her with so much interesting merchandise, that she had no control over her mind, feet, etc., and this forced her against her will to fall into the fountain.

Secondly, there's also the issue that the mall did not a have a 10 foot high fence around the fountain, to prevent mall patrons from falling in.

Thirdly, the mall should have had 8 foot wide signs in 37 different languages, posted all around the fountain, to warn mall patrons of the impending doom involved with walking too near to the fountain.

  • Funny...but I'm still going with the husband sending her a distracting text. :) - Nicole-B Jan 20, 2011 flag
  • lol - Brynleigh Jan 20, 2011 flag
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She should have listened to her mother when she said: remember my daughter..... no matter how important the thing was, N E V E R let anything distract you from shopping... otherwise a very bad thing will happen to you!!!

Thanks a lot for sharing the video Nicole smile

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I bet her husband was videoing her. She was texting her boyfriend

She can multitask afterall.

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Well, what do you know....Fountain Lady isn't exactly the innocent victim she claims to be. wink

Fountain Lady answers to five felony counts

  • Thanks....the idea that she staged it puts this in a new perspective - Ann-Frances Jan 21, 2011 flag
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After reading this article I may be in some hot water (no pun intended with the word water). This woman, who comes from my home state is hiring an attorney because of her humiliation.

My answer to that is....I think it is important to learn to laugh at our mistakes, especially when no one has been hurt. Thankfully, my son is now a practicing attorney because I'm sure there will one day be a viral video of me doing something ridiculous! wink smile

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And there was me believing that women could multitask grin

  • We multitask with babies, cooking, cleaning, working, etc. When you throw technology in....all bets are off. - Nicole-B Jan 20, 2011 flag
  • I figured I would say it before Eddy does. (jeje) - Nicole-B Jan 20, 2011 flag
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True. I was at the mall, and there comes this girl, eyes and hands fixed on her cell phone, probably texting a boyfriend. Suddenly she stopped texting. Why? She fell right into a fountain at the mall. Don't Text and Drive! LOL

  • Ok, I didn't see the link.LOL - leespyke007 Jan 20, 2011 flag
  • So there has been more than one texting/fountain accident? I think these two women should meet and have a good laugh together. - Nicole-B Jan 20, 2011 flag
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Some years ago I worked for one of the fortune 500 companies that had a reaserch center. Part of my responsibilities was to work with the safety group analyzing the accidents and injuries that occurred on the job. The most common in the research center, was people walking into walls,closed doors, and corners while reading.

  • I can barely watch tv while on the treadmill. Reading while walking is completely out of the question for me. :) - Nicole-B Jan 20, 2011 flag
  • Fortunately, few people read anymore (except for text messages). - samdie Jan 20, 2011 flag
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