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Are both of these forms correct: "En casa fumaban mis dos padres ..." or "En casa mis dos padres fumaban ..."

I have seen it both ways where the subject precedes the verb and where the verb precedes the subject. Is one style used more frequently than the other?

  • Posted Jan 19, 2011
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2 Answers

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There might be some constructions where one is used more that the other (like in gustar sentences where the subject usually follows the verb or in questions), and in some where the location may carry a nuance of different meaning or emphasis, but, no, in general it makes no difference whether the subject precedes or follows the verb.

Whatever you do, don't say that they are backwards. That implies that the English order is more correct or the standard to judge by. The Dunce corner here can become overcrowded at times and I enjoy my solitude.

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Both ways are acceptable.

  • you will hear both form used, there seems to be no preference. - pacofinkler Jan 19, 2011 flag
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