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My girlfiend has just explained what 'to explain with Plasticine' means.

Do you know what it means? Is it a common expression?

  • Posted Jan 17, 2011
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  • Hola Afowen: your phrase is not commonly used here in México. We do hear it occasionally. The phrase ´´explicar con manzanas´´ is more commonly used. - pacofinkler Jan 17, 2011 flag

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Does it mean to explain with absolute clarity? I'm not sure...

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Ignoring the context, the meaning of the phrase, is to explain someting in the most simple way possible. The word "plastilina" is a form of modeling clay, and as used in the phrase , would express "so simple a child could understand"

  • Paco, is that a very commonly used phrase? - afowen Jan 17, 2011 flag
  • Thanks Paco. - afowen Jan 17, 2011 flag
  • Interesting. Manzana is also used here to refer to a (city) block. Not as in 'walk for two cuadras' but when referring to a whole block. Don't know if that is usual in other parts... - afowen Jan 17, 2011 flag
  • Yes, in México a manzana can be a city block as well. - pacofinkler Jan 17, 2011 flag
  • simplest - samdie Jan 17, 2011 flag
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Interesting - so would it be more or less the same as when you say in English 'Do you want me to draw you a picture?'

  • Yeah, seems they are a bit more 3D in Spanish :-) - afowen Jan 17, 2011 flag
  • Often used wth palitos (stick figures) so it can be 2D. - 0074b507 Jan 17, 2011 flag
  • funny!!! - margaretbl Jan 17, 2011 flag
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