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How do you say "son" in spanish? as each time I type it in the program tells me that the spanish 'son' means there are. I need to know the spanish word for the english word 'son'.

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¡Bienvenida al foro!

Click on the "English to Spanish" tab.

  • Yeah I kept hitting the English to Spanish tab but it persisted in giving me the Spanish to English. Thanks for your suggestion;0) - manda07 Jan 10, 2011 flag
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Hijo is the answer.

  • That was fast! Thanks, sweety;0) - manda07 Jan 10, 2011 flag
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Are you sure that it does not say son mean "they are"? There are would be usually be Hay.

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= there are


That is a glitch on the dictioinary, thanks for telling us, we were not aware, the word son is hijo.

Very weird , son is "they are" not there...(as in the verb to be conjugated)

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Omg, it also says this:

son of a b... (very familiar) -> big surprise

Very familiar???? omg, I am not going to try that on any English person! And do not use that as a familiar, hey, you are my friend kind of sentence on any Spanish person either!

Thanks for the post, mandagrin

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