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how do you say french fries in Spanish

  • Posted Jan 9, 2011
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7 Answers

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Welcome to the forum. You would say: fried potatoes = papas fritas

You can use the Spanishdict dictionary or translation tool to look up words and since this is a learning site, please use correct capitalization and punctuation in your posts. Thanks.

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In most parts of Spain (except in the south, where I was born) people would say "patatas fritas", not "papas".

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Well, "papas a la francesa" in most parts of mexico.


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  • I didn't understand all of that. What is a "deliciosa" hamburguesa? I don't think they sell those where I live. - 0074b507 Jan 10, 2011 flag
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Una cosa son las french fries =papas a la francesa o patatas (en espana)
chips = papas(fritas) de bolsa o un paquete , tongue rolleye

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En Argentina, Chile, y Peru, yo escuchando "papas fritas" todo tiempo. In Argentina, Chile, and Peru I heard "papas fritas" every time.

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En colombia, 'papas a la francesa' o, 'papas a la libertad'

Papas fritas son crisps/chips (US English)

Chips in British English are like French Fries but thicker...

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