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Aqueronte, does it mean river of death?

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El río Aqueronte o Aquerón (en griego antiguo Αχέρων Akhérôn, 'temible') está situado en el Epiro, región noroccidental de Grecia.
And yes in Greek mythology it was said that it was the river to the underworld.
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You can read for this river here

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It is not a Spanish word, but it does refer to the river that people crossed to get into Hades, at least in some Greek literature. If you are reading something in Spanish that is referring to the Greek term, it is possible that you will see "aqueronte".

The Spanish translation for "river of death" is "Río de la Muerte"

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Possibly you have the wrong spelling? Multiple sites, including this one, claims it cannot find it in the "dictionary". Are there any other ways to spell it?


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