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Does this word mean that the woman is big, like overweight?

  • I suspect that it can indeed mean overweight. From the novel "La casa en Mango Street" we read of a "mujer enorme" y inmensa. then "Rachel dice que su nombre deberia mamasota, pero yo creo que eso es malo." - ElroyFlynn Jun 3, 2013 flag

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haha no it does not mean overweight. it means a woman who is really hot or sexy. and in fact, "mamasota" and "mamacita" mean the same. but remember, these words are slang, they're not a polite way to call a woman and most women might felt offended.

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I think as slang it depends where the person is from, it could be something like 'Big Mama' or even "Hot mama" - I guess I would prefer to be called mamacita - less ambiguity... downer

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we use "Mamcita" when you see a Pretty girl, cute woman, 99% of the times is referring to the face symmetry or beauty.

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Mamasota when is a Hot girl with big breast, big hips, small waist. or a girl that you consider out of the ordinary.

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Careful that you don't confuse it with this. Mamasota is hot, but not Minnesota. Not at all.

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what does Jovencito mean in spanish

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