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We're sorry, we could not find your word - Hanukkah - in the dictionary.

Is what I get when I use the dictionary. I'm making a book for children about all the things they may like to do in the winter. I have catching snowflakes on your tongue, making snow angels, celebrating Christmas, hanukkah, New Years...etc., etc.,

Anyhoo...Hanukkah is underlined in my file and my language is set to Spanish but when I right click for it to give me an alternate spelling there are no options available.

Thank you Sharon

  • Posted Jan 4, 2011
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5 Answers

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Must it be translated? Hanukkah - fiesta judía de la dedicación del templo.....

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Bueno, la palabra viene del hebreo, y en español se esribe Januká o Hanukkah (ambos son masculinos). Es la fiesta de la dedicación del Templo y se llama, como Alma dice, Fiesta de las Luces, porque se enciende una menorah pero también porque eso tiene que ver con la historia de la dedicación del Templo. He visto también "Jánuka" pero no estoy segura de eso...

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The only words in Spanish with K are not from Spanish origin. There are no words with double K (ie. kk) in Spanish, and there are no words ending in H in Spanish.

That "hanukkah" looks like anything but Spanish.

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Hanukkah isn't an English word either but any Jewish child would recognize it. I'm guessing most Spanish speaking Jewish children would know the word.

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Hanukkah = Fiesta de las Luces (Fiesta Judia)

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