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  • Peanut butter should not be capitalized, it is not a proper noun. However, Spanish should be capitalized in your question. - amykay Jan 4, 2011 flag

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Hola, Kristina.

It really depends on the country. In Mexico it is "crema de cacahuate" (for smooth) and "crema de cacahuate con trozos (for chunky).

I have also seen references to "mantequilla de cacahuete" (notice the difference in spelling for the word "peanut") and "crema / mantequilla de maní".

  • Interesting. Here in the Phils., cacahuate is a totally different plant. In fact, it's a tree. :) - Deanski Jan 4, 2011 flag
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En argentina, uruguay y chile se dice "manteca de mani" ya que peanut es mani y butter manteca. No utilizamos la palabra matequilla Good luck!

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It does indeed depend on where you are. When I shopped for peanut butter in Costa Rica, it was only "mantequilla de mani" that succeeded in getting me the desired results. enter image description here

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Cacahuate / cacahuete is from the Náhuatl word cacáhuatl, which is used probably only in Mexico, so mani will be understood in any other country where Spanish is spoken. We learn a lot of words there from childhood that come from Náhuatl, ie: mecate from mecatl means cuerda in Spanish and we also use this particular word in an idiom A todo mecate meaning A todo dar / Muy bien.

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También en Argentina se dice pasta de maní.

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la mantequilla de cacahuete is the answer

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