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I know the codes to do accents and the tilde over the n on my desk top, but my lap top doesn't seem to recognize the alt-combinations. Can any one help?

  • Posted Jan 3, 2011
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I'm not sure about a Windows laptop, but if you have a Mac, there is an option to change the keyboard, not physically, but digitally, to Spanish. It makes it so that you are basically typing on a Spanish keyboard. For example, the semi-colon/colon key becomes the ñ, and there is a key that adds accents to letters as you type them. It takes some getting used to, because you can't see what the keys you are pressing represent unless you press them, but it is fun and easy to use once you get used to it.

If there isn't an option like that on Windows run laptops, I'm not sure what to tell you. Perhaps someone else has a crafty way of getting around it? Good luck!

EDIT: I found a website (that I have linked below), that apparently gives directions for different OS's ways to add the international keyboard setting, like I was describing above.

Hope this helps!

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Hi LaWayne and welcome to the forum. Here is a link to the technical support section. Look at the to sections on how to type the accents. Also, note that in each of these boxes at the bottom left there are accent that you can use áéíóúñ¿¡. Here is that link. Link to that sectionlink text

  • Unfotunately I still can't get the ASCII symbols to work with on my laptop. But I really appreciate your help. - LaWayne Jan 5, 2011 flag
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The answers in this thread might help you.


If not, go to the you type it site where you can type with tildes, then copy and paste.

Good luck!

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Another option in windows is your Character map. Type Character map into your search program and open the Character map. I just copied and pasted this À from the character map. You are really better off with a keyboard program. I have a PC and also use a Mac and have the keyboard changed in both. The only letter I can't get in the PC is the ü and I can use the Character map for that.

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I just found the you type it site. It is right here.link text

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If you'd like to use Spanish letters in Word you can also create your own keyboard shortcuts. [insert>symbol>keyboard shortcuts]

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This is what I use on my Windows pc, with total ease and sucess. Moe originally posted it, I'm posting it here in case Moe doesn't see this thread. I save it to my desktop because it needs to be Run every time I start up.

Vikingo's "Spanish.exe"

To see Moe's full description, look on this thread

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Very few laptops are designed and sold for industrial or scientific use, although there are some ruggedized laptops which are sold for military and law enforcement applications,

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Hi. I used the instructions on StudySpanish.com (click this). They have methods for different computer systems. Just click on the one that matches yours. I found it fairly simple - it can be done in 3 minutes.

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