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I remember a few spanish phrases and sentances from high school and it been over 7 years ago. I would like to do a refresher class or work..i want to be fluent please help!! any advice helps!! Soy amor español língue!!

  • Posted Jan 3, 2011
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Music, you can start in the "Learn Spanish" section of this site. The videos are about 10 minutes each and are very helpful for structure and vocabulary.

Flash card sets are also available here. There is a "Phrasebook" section that is helpful for common phrases.

This is a good place to start!

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Please have a look at our lessons, they are much better to refresh than any other kind of worksheet.

Learn Spanish

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This websites pretty basic, but they do have answers!

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Actually, nevermind. This place's learning material is a lot better.

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Just google it!

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hi how are you.

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