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I need to know the meaning of "Punta Gorda", the city in Florida. I see "point" and "fat"; there has to be a different interpretation, especially since there is a Punta Gorda in Brasil. HELP?

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Well, "a point" in geography is a headland or a high point of land that projects out into the sea or other body of water. "Gordo" can mean fat or thick or, in this case, wide might be a nice translation. I would say "Wide Point" or "Fat Point."

  • hmmm...I'm reconsidering the "wide" part of this answer. Wide and thick really aren't necessarily the same thing and if they really meant wide it would be Punta Ancha... - alba3 Jan 2, 2011 flag
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Gorda can also imply "important", and in this case the translation is "important point". Hope that helps!

  • alba3 also has a good translation above. "Wide point" - danthepianom Jan 2, 2011 flag
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Since we have a vacation home in Punta Gorda we ''locals'' teasingly call it ''fat point''.

When you look at the map, you will see it is a very broad or wide point. Local history confirms the ''broad point'' definition.

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It also means tri-tip, in case you see it on a menu and don't want to be a cannibal eating the locals.

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