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What is ingles?

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It means "groins".

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This is a case where the accent mark makes a big difference. You can check the dictionary here.

inglés = English
ingles = groins

  • Best laugh today. Thanks! - JoyceM Jan 2, 2011 flag
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El Inglés en Australia se juega cricket.

The English are in Australia playing Cricket.

Se trata de un dolor en las ingle.

They are a pain in the groin. red face sick

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Welcome to the forum! "Ingles" is the word "English" in Spanish. There also is a Translation tab at the top of this page for simple, one-word translations.

  • The word you've used to translate "English" has two spelling mistakes. - lazarus1907 Jan 2, 2011 flag
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Lazrus is right, be careful how you spell it, with the accent is the plural of ingle which means groin.

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