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hi could someone help me conjugate 'divertirse''? it means to have fun right?
thanks so much!

  • Posted Apr 8, 2008
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5 Answers

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me divierto
te diviertes
se divierte
nos divertimos
os divertís
se divierten

ps: Don't forget to put the personal pronouns where they are needed
yo me divierto
tu etc

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gracias eddy!
but what's the difference between those that you've given and these:

me diviertime
te diviertite
se diviertise
nos divertinos
os divertios
se divierten

or have i gotten it all wrong'? haha.
please do correct me thanks!

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Wrong I am afraid but nice try. See below
yo me divierto
tu te diviertes
el, ella,ello, usted se divierte
nosotros nos divertimos
vosotros os divertís
ellos, ellas, ustedes se divierten

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The verb you have chosen means to enjoy oneself ie it is reflexive.
Divertir - to enjoy
Divertirse - to enjoy oneself
the reflexive part of the conjugation goes between the personal pronoun and the conjugated part of the verb. They are called the reflexive pronouns and are as follows


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muchos gracias eddy thanks for the great help!

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