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need help to translate and get the jist of this message:

Pues te cuento que estoy bien gracias a Dios, hace una dos semanas me regalaron un guitar hero III y pues despues del trabajo me pongo a rocanrolear un ratito smile Soy de lo mas mala para jugar! pero bueno no importa solo es un juego. Pues te cuento que el 19 de abril me voy a montemorelos por un semana necesisto renovar mi pasaporte. Hey... no sabia que estabas trabajando! ah nunca recivi tu carta pero bueno puedes mandar otra de

  • Posted Apr 14, 2008
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Well I tell you that I am fine, thank God. Two weeks ago they gave me Guitar Hero III as a gift and after work I get on it and rock and roll awhile. I am the worst at playing! But well it doesn't matter since it is only a game. April 19th I am going to Montemorelos for one week. I need to renew my passport. Hey... I didn't know you were working! Oh, I never received your letter but you can send another

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