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I heard "qué sospechos" in a show to means "How suspicious". Here at 5:14 I can't find good hits on google for it though, I feel it should be qué sospechoso. Gracias.

  • Posted Dec 30, 2010
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Watch her lips. She does say sospechoso, though it's a bit muted in the soundtrack, for sure. The laughtrack comes in on the last syllable.

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Yes, it sounds a bit muted. I think it is partially because she exaggerates the previous syllable so much that she almost runs out of air to pronounce the final 'o' smile . They do that with every word for extra clarity it seems, which is understandable, but of course normal people don't stretch the words that much.

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I cannot answer that for you mate , but I can say I am happy to see you around

again , I have missed your intelligent and informative posts, Thank you for

them all in 2010 . I hope you have an awesome 2011. Good luck mate. grin grin cool smile

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