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  • Ejecución y seguimiento del proceso de nómina: cálculo y pago nómina, introducción variables, aplicación legislación y convenio propio cliente, absorciones de conceptos retributivos, confección y cálculo de atrasos y complementarias.
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Let me try again. Maybe a more advanced member will respond, but this is what I understand.

Job descriptions in English are usually written in itemized form

Ejecución y seguimiento del proceso de nómina

non-literal translation

Implement and monitor the payroll process

Most payroll systems are automated. They are updated and/or replaced frequently, since personnel and payroll requirements constantly change. This item will require the worker to participate in and monitor the payroll operation.

Cálculo y pago nómina

non-literal translation

Calculate payroll and make payments,

There are thousands of methods to calculate pay and compensation for workers. This item will require the worker to perform payroll calculations and prepare checks or automated payments to workers.

introducción variables

non-literal translation

Introduce variables into the process

I not certain what this means, but it could mean the worker must be able to introduce components of payroll into the process. Payroll systems have many components (i.e. overtime pay, wage, work week, hazardous duty, etc.)

aplicación legislación y convenio propio cliente

non-literal translation

Implement agreements with clients

This probably means the employer provides out-sourced payroll systems to customers. Each customer will have their own payroll requirements. The worker will be required to implement agreements with customers to meet their payroll needs.

absorciones de conceptos retributivos


Remove compensation items

Payroll systems have many compensation items (i.e. take-home car, holiday, bonus, etc.). The worker will be required to remove items from the employee record in the automated system.



Some employers offer a clothing stipend for employees. It is usually a component in the payroll system. I don't understand why it is mentioned here.

cálculo de atrasos y complementarias.

Calculation of payment in arrears

The employee will be required to calculate overdue payments.

That's the best I can do.

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This sounds like a job description. Have you tried using the translator?

Implementing and monitoring the payroll process, payroll calculation and payment, introducing variables, implementation agreement legislation and own client, removals compensation items, clothing and calculation of arrears and complementary.

It needs some refinement.

Here's my best guess:

Implementing and monitoring the payroll process, calculating payroll and making payments, introducing variables into the process, implementing legislation agreements with clients, removing compensation items, calculation of payment arrears

Maybe someone else can help more. Welcome to the forum!

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Yes is a job description, and yes i used the tranlator.

But Im not sure if is correct, this literal translation¡¡¡ Because is a very specific vocabulary


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