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What is the language of origin for arroz? Thanks:-)

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It is an Indo-European root, common to many languages.

Indo-European -> Sanskrit "vrihi" -> Greek "oryza" -> Arabic "aruz" -> Spanish "arroz"

Indo-European -> Sanskrit "vrihi" -> Greek "oryza" -> Latin "oriza" -> Italian "riso" -> French "ris" -> English "rice"

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Hi Kiana, to know origin and etymology of words check this dictionary


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Wouldn't it be Spanish?

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  • Lazarus 1907 is correct but arroz was introduced to Spain by the Moors' 700 year occupation of Spain. Then arroaz was introduced in Mexico by Spain's 300 year occupation of Mexico. See Missy8888 comment below. - mexfolroa Nov 23, 2013 flag
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Go over to Sanlee's flashcard sets. It should be on page three of her sets, and there are two groups of cards called something like Words from Arabic....

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Spain was once by the Moors (Muslim Arabs) who brought rice to Valencia.

The Spanish word for rice is "arroz" which seems to come directly from the Arabic word for rice which is "al- ruzz".

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I remember a unit in my Spanish class where we discussed word origins. Almost all Spanish words that began with "al" were Arabic in origin. Like readytodictate said, it came from a word starting with "al" which points to Arabic!

  • missy8888 is the correct answer. There may be other countries with the same origin but arroz was introduced to Spain by he 700 year occupation of the moors in Spain. Arroz then came to Mexico via the 300 year occupation of Spain in Mexico. - mexfolroa Nov 23, 2013 flag
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From Tamil language - Arisi

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