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Hey Guys,

Recently I've been listening to some Reggaeton, and have run into some words I can't find the meaning to. I hope you guys can help. Please see below!!!

  1. Vamo'
  2. Lepi saba, Leu saba
  3. Quemarnos
  4. Chambea'o
  5. Mai
  6. Pai
  7. Pa', like "Pa' Gozar"

Thanks, Vivi

  • Posted Dec 27, 2010
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4 Answers

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Well here are the lyrics

Perhaps you could listen to the song with the lyrics... Is it possible that you misheard some the of words?

  • Thanks for the link!!! I'll check it out, and compare. - Vivi0808 Dec 28, 2010 flag
  • Not a problem :) - NikkiLR Dec 29, 2010 flag
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what language are those word in cuz i couldnt tranlsate them in spanish

  • Some of the lyrics are from the song "No te veo" by Casa de Leones. Maybe that'll help - Vivi0808 Dec 27, 2010 flag
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vamo' = vamos

quemarnos = quemar + nos (pronominal form of "quemar")

pa' gozar = para gozar

No idea about the rest.

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mai and pai are portugues for mom and dad

pa'gozar means to enjoy, in order to enjoy

Chambea'o could mean chambeado (the d in past participles is often dropped in Caribbean dialects) which woud be 'worked' as chambear means to work

Lepi saba, leu saba could possibly be portuguese or could be that you mis-heard what they said

  • Thanks Angelinafr!! The group that I was listening to is from Puerto Rico, interesting how the Portuguese got mixed in there. As for the final line, it's on the lytrics page too. Thanks for your help!! - Vivi0808 Dec 28, 2010 flag
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