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The twelve signs of the zodiac. What are they? ¿Cuáles son?

There does not seem to be much going, on this may amuse and teach!

What is your sign ? ¿Cuál es tu signo?

What is your horoscope? ¿Cuál es tu horóscopo?

And do you believe in it? ¿Y usted cree en ella?

Mi signo es Escorpión, mi horóscopo es. 23 octobre --22 noviembre.

Scorpios are found to dominate the arts , but can also make great generals and

excell in the art of detection due to their suspicious nature ,they are

mentaly capable with a great physiquie ,immensely strong ,and this is just the women.

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  • ¿Cuáles son? - Eddy Dec 26, 2010 flag
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Mi horóscopo es Libra smile

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But no I don't believe in them because the Horoscopes have spoiled my life & made me live a horrible time of fear and scare for entire year in the past :( I used to read my Horoscopes everyday and in the Christmas last year I read my Horoscopes to see what the year had for me and I read that a horrible thing will happen to me I didn't care and I tried to forget that but after that with 1 week I started to feel the signs of that bad things (some bad things happened & I used to cry everyday in the night ) I was so afraid that this thing would be real !!!! So I had to live a year of fear it was a horrible one :(( but in the end nothing happened to me smile and I discovered that all of this was just imagining and that all of those things happened to me just because I've traveled to a new country and I couldn't communicate there because I had to live alone without my family red face grin smile

  • Lovely-love ,we have many tests in our lives ,you were given one which you overcame brilliantly, and probably made you a stronger person. Everything arises from our minds ,only we are the masters of our destiny. - ray76 Dec 25, 2010 flag
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Buenas tardes Ray y Feliz Navidad..

Mi signo es Virgo y mi horóscopo es Capricornio.
Los cuerpos celestes interactúan unos con otros en el universo. Por lo tanto, es lógico suponer que tienen una validez de todas las cosas incluyendo a las personas.

The celestial bodies interact with each other in the universe. So it is quite logical to presume that they have an effect to all things including people.

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  • Tu tienes razon mi amigo ,gracias ,I agree completely. Feliz navidad Sakis. - ray76 Dec 25, 2010 flag
  • Lets hope the stars will bring peace, love and luck to everyone.! - sv2qp Dec 25, 2010 flag
  • I am Virgo too - and - a Dragon in the Chinese horoscope. - ian-hill Dec 25, 2010 flag
  • It is said that we Virgos are great fun at parties - we specialise in emptying all the ashtrays.:) - ian-hill Dec 25, 2010 flag
  • jeje.. I hate ashtrays.. I am also dragon, Ian :) - sv2qp Dec 25, 2010 flag
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Virgo Sun conjunct Venus and Pluto on the nadir, Gemini Moon, Gemini rising, Mercury exalted in the 3rd House conjunct Uranus rules the chart.

Now you know everything about me smile

  • You lorenzo, are the only one to "know all"! For only you have been there every step of the way. You are therfore " All knowing"! - ray76 Dec 25, 2010 flag
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Date of birth: 9th December (Supposed) Birth sign: Sagittarius

I do not believe in them either I used to learn about Astrology, and other occult arts (palmistry etc.. but not anthing heavy like witchcraft!) (before I became a Christian) and was only interested in birth charts, character analysis and the role that astrology supposedly played in explaining people's character from their birth charts.I did not trust the predictive role of astrology at all !

I began to realize in my mid 20's that people are too complex to put under 12 star signs...even if you condisered their ascendent or rising-sign and other influences.

These guides to character whether Astrology or the 4 moods: Sanguine, Choleric, Phlegmatic and Melancholic or any Psychological tests like Myers Briggs can never determine who we are they can at best reflect something of what kind of people we are.... depending on the degree of accuracy involved and our honesty in providing basic details on which tests are founded.

The great danger is when people believe the predictive and fatalistic aspects of astrology and other occult activities like tarot or palmistry and base their life decisions on what the stars say it can tragically become a self-fulfilling prophecy as their life can collapse around them.

  • I agree Felizz , one should enjoy them for what they are and not believe in their infallibility , we are the ones who can be the designers of our destinies.in - ray76 Dec 25, 2010 flag
  • I prefer to trust my destiny to Jesus,thx Ray lol rather than try to be master of my own destiny he knows better than I do the unique path I must follow - FELIZ77 Dec 26, 2010 flag
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I do not believe in having definite ideas about anything, especialy on the influence

or not of heavenly bodies. But I have observed in my lifetime a great many weird

happenings , not the least have been concerned with the star signs , It is amazing

that one can read a persons star sign and find that they seem to follow the sign

to the last letter . Is this because they are aware of the sign, and therefore mirror

the points that they agree with , or that there is some other force at work here .

The danger being that we allow these things to become an influence on our

otherwise rational clear thinking minds , try to take a middle view of all things ,

whether normal ,or paranormal. Ray an old "Scorp "

Scorpio Pictures, Images and Photos

  • I'm a Scorpio, and though I don't believe in any of the hocus-pocus mumbo-jumbo that goes with all that astrology and stuff, those adjectives that go with Scorpio describe my personality to a T, which is kind of cool. - Ghosthawk May 29, 2014 flag
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24 september Libra Y no lo sé, algunas veces el horóscopo es acertado y otras veces no, pero si me aconseja tener cuidado, nada se pierde con hacerlo.


  • My 97 year old mother is a libra, she is very strong willed and always follows her own mind at all times . I think she was always right in doing so , she has no regrets and is very happy. Gracias por sus opiniones. - ray76 Dec 26, 2010 flag
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No creo en los horóscopos. I don't believe in horoscopes - but I read it every day (for fun!)

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Sagittarius, aunque mi novia lo preferiría si el parte de abajo fuera de caballo, como usualmente grin

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Soy Libra! Voy a tener suerte en el amor. Mí esposa aún está riendose!

I am a Libra, My wife is still laughing!

I do not really beleive in the "signs."

Libra, the scales is about Justice and equanimity. When a Libra is in balance, all is well. If the scales are tillted, there is unbalance in life.

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  • Libra !! we have lots of commons Joe :)) - 00b6f46c Dec 26, 2010 flag
  • In common Lovely-love. - ray76 Dec 26, 2010 flag
  • Joe , you must either be on the cusp of Scorpio , or have Scorpio rising,they make great detectives. - ray76 Dec 26, 2010 flag
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I don't know about the rest but at school "Uranus" would certainly bring a smile to our young faces.

  • Especially when they found rings around it :) - lorenzo9 Dec 26, 2010 flag
  • Have you been peeking again Eddy minor?? - ray76 Dec 26, 2010 flag
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I'm Gemini, but I don't believe in horoscopes. I watched a thing on TV once where the description of each horoscope was mixed up and people were read the wrong horoscope - believing that they had been given their horoscope - but they all said it fit them exactly. The qualities of horoscopes are so vague and varied that they fit everyone to a degree.

  • We all tend to believe the good ones and discount the bad. You are so right , I agree, butttt! I wonder, jajajaja. - ray76 Dec 27, 2010 flag
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