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That can be a hard call. There are obvious choices that land loudly in the headlines: Miners in Chile, the signing of Obamacare. There are incremental stories, like the chronically high jobless rate or the crumbling euro. And we are, in Afghanistan, approaching the second decade of the longest war we've ever fought. So what was the most important story and why? And thanks.

  • Posted Dec 24, 2010
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That Ray 76 missed out not only on "Man of the year" but the "Peace Prize" for

the 76th year in succession , was not only the news story of the year but the

"Catastrostroke of 2010". wink rolleyes

But if you want a serious answer ,that we are still fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Is the obscenity of 2010.

  • Well, Ray, I nominate you for "nicest guy" and "best poet" on SD. - Echoline Dec 24, 2010 flag
  • I am Embarazadas. jajajaaj. And highly honoured and speechless, well almost . Thank you dear friend. A friend in reality. - ray76 Dec 24, 2010 flag
  • Love it. - simpevets Dec 24, 2010 flag
  • Ray, embarrazada = pregnant woman You are certianly not one of them This was a mistake I once made years ago when I said; Estoy embarrazdo lol - FELIZ77 Dec 24, 2010 flag
  • You can say I am embrarrassed lin any of these ways:: ¡Tengo venguenza ! ¡Estoy avergonzado! o ¡Me da pena! - FELIZ77 Dec 24, 2010 flag
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I think that one of the most important thing happened this year is that :-

Spain won the world cup wink

alt text

  • And I'm sure if Heidita were around she would vote for this. - Yeser007 Dec 24, 2010 flag
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Since this is an International site, I would choose a story that affects all of us...the overspending of the governments that has led to political and economic instability in Eurpoe and the Americas, and in turn is or will be adverely affecting all of our countries. As can already been seen, economic instability leads to social instability.

  • What was the most important story of 2010???? - simpevets Dec 24, 2010 flag
  • And as the implications of that economic catastrophe encroaches on all peoples from the outset to the present moment i thinkit apropriate to include it in 2010. - ray76 Dec 24, 2010 flag
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I think there has been simply too many tragic events and miraculous ones in 2010 to pick just one so I'll just add one to the list that bothered me to no extent. The BP oil well.

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In my opinion:

Three teenagers survive 50 days adrift in Pacific

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Yes, there are soooo many worthy stories it is very difficult to pick just one so I will name my top 3:

1.The miners being freed from a pit in Chile would have to be my top one as it was such an amazing miracle

2.By way of contrast: the terrible disaster and tragedy in a mining New Zealand is obvious.

3 The Chinese (?) human rights activist (girl) who was freed from prison after being imprisoned for speaking out against her government's human rights abuses

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Well I am still in shock about this. Apparently this has been named the top News Story in Canada for 2010. Unbelievable! link text I guess they missed the 2010 Winter Olympics!

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