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¿Cuáles son los problemas que enfrentan los jóvenes de hoy en tu opinión?

  • Posted Dec 22, 2010
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  • se entrentan? I'm not sure though - anyone? - Kiwi-Girl Dec 22, 2010 flag

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I agree with many of the comments but I also believe rampant consumerism is having a huge impact on our society. Giving children "things" is not love. Having "things" is not success. We don't "need" everything we see advertised on TV. Many children fail to get the time and attention they need from adults who are busy using, buying, or earning money for more "things".

  • That's definitely true....I think that the element of consumerism is linked strongly with the West more than any other area of the world.... - Seb79 Dec 22, 2010 flag
  • I wanted to add this to Margaret's lovely post, you've already done it. :) - galsally Dec 22, 2010 flag
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El problema más grande van a enfrentar será el retorno del mullet.

The biggest problem they are going to face will be the return of the mullet.

  • The mullet as in the haircut?? Very funny!!!! ;) - Seb79 Dec 22, 2010 flag
  • Yes. - lorenzo9 Dec 22, 2010 flag
  • I'm afraid that mullets are no longer worn by the young. In fact, having one is a sign that time has passed you by. - Leatha Dec 22, 2010 flag
  • "Business in the front....Party in the back!" - Izanoni1 Dec 22, 2010 flag
  • that is hilarious! :) rofl - Kiwi-Girl Dec 22, 2010 flag
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I would have to say that the instability of the family unit is a the main problem. So many students do not have good role models in their parents.

Students whose parents are drug addicts, incarcerated, involved regularly in domestic disputes, etc., are at a distinct disadvantage. We see those students in school for maybe six or seven hours a day, we have programs that offer them extra support (academic, social and familial), but in my experience a high percentage of these students are unable to break the pattern.

The challenge is not limited to a specific social class. Many of our students come from families in which both parents are highly paid professionals. Those students run the risk of the "neglected child" syndrome also.

On the other hand, I salute parents who are dedicated, loving, and firm with their children. Good job!

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Hay un problema que a mi pensar lleva a todos - la falta de amor. Sea el amor de los padres para sus hijos, sea el amor para su esposo, sea el amor por sus padres, sea el amor por la tierra misma. Si haya más amor habrá menos problemas en el mundo.

There is a problem which I think leads to all problems and that is the lack of love. Whether it's the love of parents for their children, a couples love for each other, love for parents, love for the earth. If there was more love there would be less problems in the world today.

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Tattoo removal. Oh, never mind. That will be the big problem facing them in the future.

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Pues, yo también soy una chica, de todo lo que veo a mi alrededor saco la idea que al menos en mi país, fuman mucho, toman mucho alcohol aunque no tengan 18, no leen NADA. Pues a veces puede que alguien de mi edad me pregunte ¿Quién es el autor de Don Quijote? Entonces, la verdad es que pierdo los nervios. ¿Cómo pueden ser tan ignorantes? Pues, creo que tengo la respuesta también. Nadie quiere que la proxima generación pueda pensar. Es que la televisión y el internet nos matan el tiempo. Y claro, si esto sigue siendo así, en el futuro no habrá gente sana sino gente con problemas de salud y todo.

  • Estoy de acuerdo! ¿Quién es el autor de Don Quijote? ¿En serio? - june10 Dec 23, 2010 flag
  • Sí en serio... :( - culé Dec 23, 2010 flag
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Instability of the family unit. Lack of love. Rampant consumerism. Ignorance. Failing(ed) economy. Dios mío, ¿es el fin de la civilización? No. We have faced all of this before and will undoubtedly face it again.. and again. My parents lived through the great depression of the 30's and the second world war. They made less money than their parents for a time. Then the boom years following the war allowed them a very fine standard of living. In the late 60's, early 70's a young man did not fear for the lack of a job as there was a good chance he would have one... in Vietnam. People are resurgent. There will be those who will find their way through the maze of life and gain fulfillment from it and there will be those who will simply exist. And I guess there will be those who fail to exist. The problems change their costumes, but essentially remain the same. I found it intersting that no one mentioned drugs, other than as a corollary to the lack of family unity.

  • Hmm, interesting you are right and yet it seems to be such a terrible problem in today's society - margaretbl Dec 22, 2010 flag
  • Drugs are less of a problem than the laws prohibiting them and the consequences thereof. - lorenzo9 Dec 23, 2010 flag
  • To suggest that crack, coke and heroin are not the problem, only the laws prohibiting them are, is truly astonishing. - drewrywpg Dec 29, 2010 flag
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right. its no worse than it was 40 years ago. all the political scientists and economists are just going mad and exaggerating. I guess you have a right to your ignorance. No one can force you to acknowledge whats happening. Have fun with that I guess.

It is worse, but just because it has been going on longer, not because of some fundamental change. People who adopt your point of view tend to say that things were better when Clinton was President if they favor the Democrats, or when Reagan was President if the favor the Republicans. They are right in that, but the next step they take is to say that returning to their policies will make things better, and that is incorrect. The truth is that the bulk of our economic problems stem directly from Reaganomics and the associated transfer of tax burden to the middle class and the transfer of wealth to the rich. The games played to make it look like the economy is still functioning since then have only made things slightly worse, yet a vocal minority who are loudly protesting the long term results of these policies also advocate accelerating them. Every President since Carter has redefined inflation to make it smaller, the explosion in the money supply without an associated growth in the GDP that occurred under Bush Jr. actually started under Clinton, although it was greatly exacerbated by copying Nixon's attempt to avoid the fomal definition of recession (which led to 10 years of stagflation), the stock market P/E ratio bubble that peaked under Clinton actually sta rted under Reagan and still continues. The Republicans need to look past Reagan to Goldwater or Eisenhower and the Democrats need to look past Clinton to Kennedy or FDR.

The economic problems are not new and there are no short term solutions. The country is rapidly approaching the point where there are no solutions at all. I suggest that you study in detail the economics of the US over the last 100 years and identify the driving forces behind the changes, for better or worse--they are much different than the propaganda being put forth by any of the political groups or media economists.

  • Interesting post.... - Seb79 Dec 23, 2010 flag
  • A really odd post, cada loco con su tema. - Bob-Dressler Dec 23, 2010 flag
  • It's not odd if you understand economics, politics, and US history--most people don't. - lorenzo9 Dec 23, 2010 flag
  • Obviously my error, lorenzo9. I thought we were talking about problems facing young people, not just American young people. Not being American I am neither Democrat nor Republican. - drewrywpg Dec 29, 2010 flag
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I think there are problems all around these days. I'm 20, turning 21 next month, and I have to say that our generation is facing a horrible economy that our parents didn't have to deal with. For the first time in a long time (if ever) reports are coming out saying young people are likely not to make as much money as their parents on average, that young people may not be able to have the same comforts as their parents. We are being thrown out into an economy that is sending seasoned professionals to their knees and burying them in unemployment insurance checks and food stamps. Its not impossible to get a job (and I mean a good job, one to build your career with , but then the ****ty ones are getting scarce these days as well) but its really difficult. im lucky to have parents to support me now, but I have to pay for graduate school. I have a friend who relies on himself and he's been searching for jobs left and right and cant find one. He just paid his last month's rent, he gets food from friends and we buy him lunch at school sometimes. I know several people who had to leave their universities because of cut backs on financial aid. It's pretty bad. And now you read the news about countries overseas trying to hike up tuition costs as well and the people rioting in the streets attacking politicians. Our leaders who've been spewing this crap about deregulation and economic globalization over the last few decades have crapped all over everyone in this country, the entire world even, and that includes young people. Its getting bad, and this is only the beginning if we don't start shaping up in our economic policies (which we probably wont) and our environmental policies (which we probably won't). I think knowing this is probably the scariest thing of all.

I know its typical of one generation to blame the one before, but honestly since my future is at stake, I couldnt give a flippin buggy: What the **** were you all thinking?

I love being a part of my generation, but at the same time, there are a lot of issues going on. Not to say that issues havent happened in the past, but we really are in steep poopie.

I'm a very liberal person so it's good that I was born in this generation. I'm not a fan of too many traditional values, I believe in gay marriage and I'm part of the lgbt community, I believe in secularism, I'm an atheist, I condone sexual promiscuity, polyamory, etc. So this is probably the best time for me to be alive as far as American history goes, by far. Don't get me wrong.

Although I do enjoy a lot of it, I would be willing to add "the degradation of music" on the table. We went from Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, etc. to Kesha, Gaga, and lil Wayne. You just have to laugh at that one. xD

  • The standard of living for middle class Americans peaked around 1970 and most people my age (51) already dealt with a declining economy and not being able to live like our parents. The only real solution is to eliminate the two party system of government - lorenzo9 Dec 22, 2010 flag
  • but the country will probably collapse first. The current distribution of wealth is fundamentally unstable and will come to an end. - lorenzo9 Dec 22, 2010 flag
  • Yep, I agree about the music.....it's a shame nowadays that young people have deafened their ears with the likes of Lil Wayne rather than someone like Bob Dylan!! And I'm the same generation as you..... - Seb79 Dec 22, 2010 flag
  • On the other hand, the development of low cost digital recording equipment and internet sales outlets has allowed a lot of smaller acts to gain an audience. There is good music around if you look for it. - lorenzo9 Dec 22, 2010 flag
  • I listen to a wide variety of music. :) I'm just saying music is different these days, but then I'm sure people have said the same things about artists of the past. I like the good stuff and the crappy stuff alike. - doowahdiddy Dec 22, 2010 flag
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Any other problems?

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¡Los tatuajes! Jajaja bueno para mí no . . . no me gustan tatuajes pero . . . hay jóvenes en mi colegio que los tienen.

¿Es correcto? ^^

  • It depends what they are though, there are people my age (15) who have mokos (traditional maori tattoos, I live in New Zealand) which show who their family is and where they come from, not all tattoos are bad - spanish-at-h Dec 23, 2010 flag
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delete--duplicate post

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Any other problems?

Probably tooth damage from tongue piercings. Rattling one of those barbells against the back of your teeth for a decade probably causes more microfissures than getting whacked in the head by a VW.

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The young of today have an inate feeling that they are entitled to things that the generations before them worked so hard to get. It seems their drive has gone as well as the respect for the older generation. Also, where are the manners of the kids today? They need to get back to treating ladies like they did in the 1940s. That is gone today.

Los jóvenes de hoy tienen una sensación nen su que tienen derecho a las cosas que las generaciones anteriores a ellos trabajaron tan duro para llegar. Parece que su unidad ha pasado, así como el respeto de la generación anterior. Además, ¿dónde están las costumbres de los niños de hoy? Tienen que volver a tratar a las damas como lo hicieron en la década de 1940. Que se ha ido hoy.

  • The Me Generation was 3 generations ago. - lorenzo9 Dec 23, 2010 flag
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que no saben suficiente español smile

  • jeje :) - pesta Dec 23, 2010 flag
  • Shouldn't that be 'que no sepan ...' ??? - pesta Dec 23, 2010 flag
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