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Just a random thought i've just had and i can't find a answer for!. If happy birthday is cumpleaños feliz then why isn't happy xmas navidad feliz???

Thanks guys

(Sorry for the bad grammer)

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Yes and no. If you just say 'Happy birthday' or 'I wish you a happy birthday', then it is 'feliz cumpleaños'. However, the song has the inverse order: 'Cumpleaños feliz'. It's as if it were implied that birthdays (and Christmas too) have to be happy, which is why the adjective (feliz) is in front, to tone it down.

In the song, 'cumpleaños feliz', the adjective is behind, so the meaning comes out stronger than in 'feliz cumpleaños', but it's not used much outside that song.

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Happy birthday is felíz cumpleaños and not cumpleaños felíz.

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  • Oops! Sorry i had just watched a video on youtube and they were sining cumpleanos feliz?!?! - jadagod Dec 21, 2010 flag
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I understand where they are coming from. Doesn't the adjective come after the noun. Navidad then Feliz? Or is this an exception to the rule? question

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Actually, you say "Feliz cumpleaños" and "Feliz Navidad", but "feliz cumpleaños" cannot be sung as easily as "cumpleaños feliz", hehe.

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