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¡ayudame por favor!

  • Posted Dec 6, 2010
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Yes, it is: escuela secundaria

I hope that this helps grin

Editor's note: Taking into account Lazarus's post I will add this:

Like Lazarus said it varies between countries in U.S. it is: colegio para niños de 12 a 14 años while in UK it is colegio para niños de 9 a 13 años There seems to be no single expression that will be universally valid for all countries and across all cultures.

Source: Oxford Spanish Dictionary (3rd Edition) so you can blame them if my information is not accurate lol raspberry smile grin

  • I had partly based my initial answer on a flash card set :red: :-S The info from my dictionary refers to the ages not the words 'escuela secundaria - FELIZ77 Dec 7, 2010 flag
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Like it has been said, it depends on the place. Another word option es:

bachillerato. 1. m. Estudios de enseñanza secundaria que preceden a los superiores. 2. m. Grado o título académico que se obtiene al concluir dichos estudios.

Real Academia Española © Todos los derechos reservados

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Check this link. It probably varies by country and the number of years in elementary, middle and high school differs from the US. I'd say that middle school is "secundaria" though it would be clearer to go with bombera's answer.

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secundaria is middle school and preparatoria is high school

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You can't translate that, because each country has its own education system, and you can't expect all countries to divide the whole thing exactly the same way. In Spain, for example, there wasn't a middle school when I studied: there was primary, secondary, and then the university. That's it. Our primary was probably longer than yours, which explains why we don't have a middle one, but our secondary is not likely to have the same length either.

You can't translate it in general. You need a custom translation for each country.

  • Okay Lazarus was my answer wrong then , please? I ask this humbly :) - FELIZ77 Dec 6, 2010 flag
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Oh, there is no such entry in this dictionary. Another says: La escuela para niños de 8 a 12 años but I am not sure about that. I am not a native.

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