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What are spanish words with "bli" in it?

  • Posted Dec 6, 2010
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Were I given such an assignment, I might be inclined to say "¡Vete a hacer pu*etas!" When I was younger and more polite, perhaps "¿Para qué sirve tal asignatura/tarea?"

The vocabulary of the textbook that they used at the University of Madrid when I was there was organized along thematic lines. There was, for example (the only one that comes to mind) a lesson dealing with phrases/expressions related to going out "drinking" (Eddy and Ray would have loved it). Thus "bar hopping", hangover, "hair of the dog that bit you", shades of being inebriated "tipsy"/"high"/ "plastered"/"skunked"/"pissed" et al. I wasn't much of a drinker but, at least, the vocabulary related to a known/recognizable theme.

But words with three distinct vowels and beginning with "p" (or whatever)? This is total nonsense. If you found yourself in a class on "Crossword puzzles in Spanish", this might make some sort of sense but for learning a language, nonsense. Your teacher should be fired for lack of imagination (or, perhaps, for a fundamental inability to understand what language is all about).

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There are at least 150. What do you need them for?

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We are doing an assignment in spanish and I was only found one "publica".

  • Why do teachers pose these stupid exercises? It's certainly not a good way to build vocabulary. - samdie Dec 6, 2010 flag
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Like lazarus said they are too many. Biblia, bíblico, biblioteca, bibliotecaria, república, republicanos are some examples. Hope it helps.

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