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Can anyone tell me what does stall someone off mean?

  • Posted Dec 5, 2010
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Good morning!

The explanations above are the same as I would give you, however I would say either:

To stall someone, as in "You stall him while I hide his present!" ('birthday boy' turns up early and present is still unwrapped)


To hold someone off, as in "I'll hold them off while you fetch the police!" (somebody is being a hero!)

I haven't heard "stall someone off".

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To stall someone off most commonly means to delay giving someone an answer or to delay fulfilling to do something that you formerly said you would do. It can be done by using vague statements like, "We really should get together sometime for dinner." or, "I know that I owe you money but my dog needed emergency surgery so I can't pay you back now."

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To stall someone off is a common english idiom. It means to delay someone from doing something. You stall a person to give a different person more time to accomplish something. Often the word "off" is left out: stall him! You can also stall a thing: stall that wedding!

an example: The police are at the door. I will stall them off while you hide the stolen money. (In this scenario I am preventing the police from coming inside the house so that the stolen money can be hidden. It is not stated how i will stall the police from coming inside, but usually this entails talking to them and creating diversions).

Mi espanol es mal, pero voy a tratar de explicar. Una persona "stalls someone off," cuando quiere dar una otra persona mas tiempo asi que poda hacer algo. e.j. La policia está a la puerta. Voy a "stall them off" asi que tu puedes esconder el dinero robado. (Probablemente, voy a hablar con ellos y distraerlos meintras estás escondiendo el dinero).

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