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I am getting a tattoo that i would like to say "live life with no regrets" in spanish but i cant get the right words in the right context

so the phrase would be "to live life with no regrets"

  • Posted Dec 2, 2010
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3 Answers

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Hello, we encourage people to do their own try and ask if they have further doubts. You can write a whole simple sentence with the terms you need to translate (with proper spelling and punctuation) and use the Translation button at the top of the page.

Also, if you double-click on a word you will get a definition from our Dictionary.

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Carpe diem.

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live life to the fullest = vivir la vida al limite

vivir la vida sin arrepentimientos

The first one is correct. The second one, I'm guessing.

  • Hope they don't charge by the letter. Appropriate motto for when you're having the tattoo lasered off in two years down the road. - 0074b507 Dec 2, 2010 flag
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