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Does "por la mañana" mean tomorrow morning or in the morning?

The phrase in my book was:

Trabajo por la mañana y estudio por la tarde."

I work tomorrow morning and I study tomorrow night. OR I work in the morning and I study in the evening. OR both and context will make it clear..?

  • Posted Dec 2, 2010
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3 Answers

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Context definitely will make it clear, as mañana generally means morning you can't say that you'll do smth. in the past, so it'll mean next day, and if you're saying something general, like you mentioned, it sounds like habit, so in such occasion it'll mean morning in general.

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as mañana generally means morning

This is true, however,

"por la mañana" always means in the morning.

Tomorrow morning:

mañana por la mañana wink

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la mañana (noun)=morning

por la mañana, therefore, is in the mornining.

mañana (adverb) can mean either morning or tomorrow, in near future

el mañana (noun)=tomorrow, future

mañana (adverb..here is tomorrow) por la mañana (feminine noun=morning)=tomorrow morning

Lest you think that tomorrow is an adjective in the phrase tomorrow morning, realize that the phrase in English is a shortening of tomorrow in the morning which Spanish does not shorten. To be an adjective in English it would have to be tomorrow's morning.

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