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What is the negative tú command form for "traer"? I only see one form listed on the conjugation chart, and don't know if it's the positive or the negative one. For that matter, can I have both please? I'm making a command chart to study.

  • Posted Dec 1, 2010
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3 Answers

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"No traigas" Negative

"Trae" Positive

  • you can use both "Tráeme" or "trae"... "Tráeme" is "bring me", and "trae"... just "bring" - Tonyriva Dec 1, 2010 flag
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Hi, Cathy.

I use the RAE for conjugations because I can trust it

I'd say:

Tráeme un café. (probably a very discourteous way to ask for something)

No me traigas un café.

  • "tráeme"... is one word - Tonyriva Dec 1, 2010 flag
  • Thanks, Tony! - --Mariana-- Dec 1, 2010 flag
  • also... I've no idea why, but if it's negative I'd say "No me traigas café"... "un" sounds weird - Tonyriva Dec 1, 2010 flag
  • @Tony..cierto, pero técnicamente es correcto: "No me traigas un café, mejor tráeme una cerveza". - Gekkosan Dec 1, 2010 flag
  • sí...lo pensé después de irme "No me traigas un café, tráeme dos"... pero si es una sola frase suena raro - Tonyriva Dec 1, 2010 flag
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Yes I agree with the above and you pronounce it "thry-may" smile

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