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What do these mean?

¿Cómo te sientes?

¿Qué tienes?

¿Sientas mejor?

¿Por qué no patinas?

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¿Cómo te sientes? - How do you feel?

¿Qué tienes? - What do you have?

¿Sientas mejor? - Feeling better? (I guessed this one)

Por qué no patinas? - Why not skate?

You can use the translator at this site for a much quicker answer.

  • "¿Sientas mejor?" makes no sense, though. - lazarus1907 Nov 30, 2010 flag
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Welcome to the forum. The translator here works pretty well for phrases like these.

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Try the translator, but "¿Sientas mejor?" is not correct Spanish.

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How do you feel?

What do you have?

Do you feel better?

Why not skate?

I always use google translate for this stuff.. super easy! smile

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