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I heard this phrase on a CD I was listening to, and understand it to mean "to feel like (action)". It is in the phrasebook as well. I am just wondering if this is a European Spanish phrase or more universal.


  • Posted Nov 23, 2010
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4 Answers

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'Tener ganas de...' is a universal Spanish phrase that is used pretty much everywhere grin

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I agree that it's used a lot and is very common.

Tengo ganas de beber algo = I feel like drinking something.

Another one, used in Spain, is "apetecer."

Me apetece salir = I feel like going out.

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It is used all over South America as well. One point to remember in translating "feel like" to Spanish:

tengo ganas de hacer algo = I feel like doing something

algo me da ganas de hacer algo = something makes me feel like doing something

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This can also be used to mean "to be in the mood for (to do) something"

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